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The Viking Mist

Book Two, The Two Realms Trilogy

When a fairy kills a fairy, they forfeit immortality.

Never over three centuries, since the Last Fairy King was assassinated, has a noble fay been murdered in Fairy...until now.

The mysterious murder leads to an astounding discovery. Mab, Queen of Fairy, accuses Talfryn's parents of stealing an elixir that restores immortality. She holds his fay father hostage, forcing the Halfling to enter the Viking realm to retrieve the potion.

Talfryn has five days to navigate the world of lethal Cold Iron, locate the human mother he has never known, and recover the elixir that could mask the murderer — a quest he cannot survive without aid from Fenella. Will the Thaness of Thorburn honor their alliance, knowing the venture will jeopardize her freedom and second chance at love?

In 16th century Scotland, Fenella believes Talfryn is dead. Her covert plan to regain her thanedom and safeguard her life hinges on marrying her kidnapper’s son...for love. With weeks until their wedding, she can ill afford to break Edward’s trust, or his heart…again. Will love be lost...or found?

In this sequel to The Beltane Escape, shape-shifters and secrets abound, time bends, fates interweave, friendships fray, and no one is safe


“A spirited, superlative cast makes this mythical tale a must-read.” — Kirkus Reviews

"A fascinating tale of adventure, romance, with a healthy dose of time travel and myths... the exciting twists and turns of fate and myth make this book very interesting, and readers will quickly find themselves invested in the outcome." — Sarah E. Bradley, InD'Tale Magazine.